Friday, October 29, 2010

Don't Get Your Panties in a Twist. Your Bra, on the Other Hand...

I can’t think of a push-up bra emergency (well...yes I can, but none are legitimate emergencies), but here’s a Friday tidbit!
I’m rather prone to putting clothes on wrong – as in, I’ll be out the entire day before I come home, look in the mirror and realize the seams are on the OUTSIDE of my clothes.  In my defense, there was a time when inside-out clothing (as in, exposed seams) was trendy and it took place during my formative years.  Some may say that’s not an excuse, but it’s as close as I’ll get!

What's that got to do with this piece of lingerie?  I'm glad you asked.

I can’t remember when I figured this out – it’s entirely possible that I just put my bra on incorrectly and noticed my chest was ever so slightly lifted.

Twist!  I chose this bra so you could see it more clearly - the bow completely disappears

Before you put on your bra, twist it once (or however many times works for you) at the strip of fabric that joins the cups together.  It makes sense – if you look at most push-up bras, that tiny centimetre-wide strip of fabric is usually gone, subtracting space from the cups so the only place your girls can go is up and out!  (Willy Wonka anyone?  Trying to think of lame boob joke for my one male reader.  Failed.)

Note:  I wouldn’t do this too often to a regular bra since they do stretch out, but again, desperate push-up times call for desperate push-up measures.

Now drop and give me twenty.


  1. Ahem! That's TWO male readers!

  2. haha :) the procrastinator is popular!

  3. ehm.... 2 male readers? Love the stuff on "push ups", tho ....

  4. I'll change it to n male readers. I wasn't sure you were all boob-men :P