Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Review: C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint

Every single time I finish putting a gloss on someone, the first thing they do is blot.  Why, people, WHY??

The beauty of a gloss is in it's immaculate, smooth finish - just as you wouldn't want dents in your nail polish or unevenness in your freshly waxed car, why would you mar the polished shine of a freshly-glossed lip??

Then one day, I came across the following:

During a cursory browse in Bath & Body Works, I came across a table full of irresistible lip goodies.  I'm not usually a fan of flavoured lipgloss, but I just have to say:  these are DELICIOUS.

Like, I-want-to-scoop-it-out with-a-spoon delicious.  The mint obviously doesn't actually freshen your breath the way mouth wash does, but there's a pleasant coolness on my lips and breath when I breathe in after applying. They're also incredibly moisturizing which is a surprise since I'm convinced that all lip products contain a drying agent to induce continued purchasing.  The colours aren't very strong, but not so weak that there's no difference between the three.

From the left:
  • Plum Mint: It's a very light plum - a really nude, dark pink that I use when I feel like a spicier look.
  • Bare Mint: My go-to.  It's my lip colour but better because it's SHINY.
  • Magenta Mint:  My least favourite of the three, but I bought it because they were 3 for 2 and I figured I should expand my range a little.  It's not an awful colour, it's a rather sheer bright pink, but it doesn't do a whole lot for my skin.
I haven't felt this way about a squeeze-tube gloss since Lancôme Juicy Tubes started getting weird. You know what I mean, that formula change where they went from krazy-glue-sticky to uber-viscous?  C.O. Bigelow's managed to strike the right balance; the Lip Tints are just sticky enough so you feel they're staying on, but not so sticky that your hair tears out every time it gets caught.  Take notes, Lancôme.

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