Thursday, October 7, 2010

So I Don't Know if You Know This but... You've Got Two Colours on Your Nails

Why, I had no idea! How on earth did that happen?  Manicurist, you're FIRED!

Here's a secret: I really don't even get manicures that often.  I should, but I change my polish so frequently it's just not worth it - that, and I find something so soothing about polish flowing over my nails.  Ahem.

My thing with polish is that I can't wear the same colour on both hands; I'll do it if I really adore a colour/am too lazy to pick two colours, but even then I end up freaking out and changing one hand.  I've had a few screwups here and there though when I've picked colours that just. don't. go.

This is a rather clear example of things going together but not matching (I tried explaining that to an old boyfriend...I think we broke up because of it).  Clearly I'm not okay with matching, but there is a part of me that insists that the colours complement each other, if for no reason other than to add an element of intent instead of accident.  Here's how!

Colours: We all know that green isn't just green.  There's lime, jade, chartreuse, olive, grass, neon, etc., and each of those can be saturated/dulled/brightened/sheered to whatever degree we wish.  So after choosing your colours, make sure they're the same kind of colour.  A dark, vampy red will look infinitely better with a navy than a blue without any black at all.

Texture:  Since your colours aren't matching, it's not a bad idea to keep the texture across both polishes the same.  I pair cremes with cremes, satins with satins, metallics with metallics,etc. you get the idea.  Occasionally, as I'll show you in a moment, clashing textures can work very well, but I find equal textures make the look seem more "on purpose" (you know, not like you just didn't notice that you'd picked up a different bottle).

I once had a friend who tried really hard to be alternative/emo/gothic/different in our uniformed high school.  She  told me that she wanted to paint her nails pink and green, which I thought would be suuuuper cool until she came to class wearing a gorgeous, metallic berry colour on one hand and a pukey, yellowed green on the other.  I said to her, "You know how sometimes people can dress kind of crazy and they'll either look like bag ladies or Carrie Bradshaw?"  Funny how the same idea done one way can look so styled and editorial, but the moment you're even a little lax in your direction....

PS: Please, please, please; for your own sake, don't do that thing where you alternate colours on a single hand, as in, your thumb one colour, your index another colour, cont'd - you'll look like you're in second grade, trust me.

Here are some to start you off:


Top Row:
  • Deborah Lipmann Across the Universe, Deborah Lipmann Boom Boom Pow, NARS Dovima
    • AtU and BBP have relatively the same sized glitter/consistency, so you won't be left with uneven glitter from nail to nail.
    • BBP and Dovima are indeed different finishes (Dovima is a creme), but hear me out.  This is a great holiday look, you wouldn't think it but a saturated, glossy red is a great counterpart to a gold-encrusted nail.
Middle Row:
  • On the left:  China Glaze Up in the Air, OPI You Don't Know Jacques
    • One of my current favourite combinations, these are both dusty, earthy colours that just go soooo beautifully together.  UitA stands out more than YDKJ but not so much that you completely miss the other hand.
  • On the right: OPI Green-wich Village, OPI Dating a Royal
    • My very first colour combination!  They are the exact same combination of vibrance, creme and jelly, regardless of how many coats you layer; these two have forever instilled within me a love of blue/green/blue+green nail polish.
Bottom Row:
  • Chanel Orange Fizz, Chanel Nouvelle Vague
    • These are perhaps the most contrasting colours (according to our handy-dandy colour wheel) but what makes them work even more is that they are both pastels; thick, creme polishes with the same amount of shimmer (almost none unless you hold your hand out beneath direct sunlight).  Great summer combination!

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