Monday, October 11, 2010

Travel Beauty: Containers

One thing I find most annoying about flying now (and I know it's partially my fault since I despise checking luggage) is the 3-1-1 rule.  I've tried pleading with the security guys but they all seem rather threatened by liquid liner.  I was intimidated too at first, but it gets easier, I promise!

I can't travel without skin products - my skin is highly sensitive to any kind of change: food, weather, pollution, you name it.  I can't travel with the full sized bottles though, so I'm on a never-ending quest for tiny dispensers/containers.

  1. Smaller sizes:  Since this liquids rule came out, every line has capitalized on sets of tiny bottles.  They're often 100 ml mini-me bottles of your full sized product that cost 1.2 times as much per unit.  It's ridiculous, but if you happen to get one in a GWP, I say "Go forth and refill!"
  2. Stacked containers: These ones from MUJI are not bad but I'm just going to say that they can a huge pain to open, especially when you're in the shower and your fingers are all slippery.  There's also the chance that they'll leak, so try them out before you leave.
  3. Contact lens cases: Tried and true.  These are designed to keep liquid in so you know that as long as you close them properly they'll stay.  I love these, they hold just enough and they're flat so you can slip them anywhere.  A travelling must-have and you're technically recycling.  High five!

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  1. I'm not the only one who uses contact lens cases! I also use the little plastic pots I get when asking for samples at the beauty counters at The Bay or Sears.