Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Travel Beauty: Part 2 - Overnight

Just a tiny follow-up from my Travel post a week ago...but for a single night only.

Who goes away for just a night?  Well...

You've been there, you're out with your girlfriends and a cute guy catches your eye?  Then you wake up, and your make-up from the previous night has rubbed off so you have no longer have lashes or cheekbones but suddenly your dark circles are back?  Never fear!

Here are a few things you can just toss into your clutch - you know, just in case.

Mark by Avon created these amazing lifesavers - Hook Ups!
I went a little Hook-Up crazy way back when and ordered a ton of them (because I had to have alllll the colours and they were only $5 each!  Of course when you order 20 you realize that it adds up). 

These are great to throw in your purse for touch-ups throughout the day.  The ones in the photo are the ones that have stuck with me.

Above are:
  • Mark Get in Line Hook Up Waterproof Eyeliner in Painted Black 
    One of my favourite liquid liners; I usually hate this brush - they're hard to control and the line isn't very crisp - but it's not awful in this case!  It's stiff enough that it doesn't wiggle around but still flexible enough to bend to the shape of my eye

Pardon the lack of focus!

  • Mark Glow Baby Glow Hook Up Gloss in Peek-a-BooThis gloss tingles weirdly, a little like it's supposed to plump my lips (which it doesn't), but the colour's a really lovely, sheer, translucent, goes-with-everything nude.
  • Mark Scanda-lash Hook Up Mascara in Blacklash
    Not a bad mascara!  I was skeptical at first and can't quite remember why, but I went into this thinking can't be that good.  It was pretty impressive!  The formula's a little dry, but it separates my lashes  really well and gives them a decent amount of length.  I like the long skinny brush, it makes it easier to maneuver around the inner corner of my eye.
  • Mark Get Bright Hook Up Highlighter in Natural
    The highlighter is my least favourite of these products - it tends to get kind of grainy after a while, so you have to make sure you replace it regularly.  It does add a nice light-reflecting highlight to under-eye area.  In a pinch I use it on my lids as a makeshift shadow.
  • PS: Mark also has a Hook-Up concealer stick which I'd replace this with in a less summery time (i.e. in the Great White North...right now).  The concealer (not shown) is nice and creamy and great for a under eye circles and the occasional break out.

 All of the above products can be found at Avon's on-line shop or through your local Avon representative.

Now, if you know you're spending the night at your product-lacking significant other's place, do yourself a favour and throw one of these dry facial cloths in your purse.   
They come in Normal-Combination, Normal-Dry and Sensitive

Why?  Because you should NEVER SLEEP IN YOUR MAKE UP.  They're pretty good with most make up (maybe except for  those last traces of waterproof liner) and they come with an exfoliating side that leaves your skin feeling soooo smooth. 

Throw in your contact lens case with a cheek colour and moisturizer  (which, incidentally, will take off that last bit of waterproof makeup), and you're ready for 18 hours of ....whatever you so choose! ;-)


  1. LOL Ok just read this from your other post, I love the idea of using the contact case, brilliant!

    I love the mark hooks ups, aren't they fun? So easy to just change around and toss into your purse! Are you an Avon/mark rep too?!

    1. I'm not a mark rep, I just order online. You're a mark/avon rep though, aren't you?? Next time I'll check out your store!


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