Monday, November 29, 2010

5 Eye Shadow Colours You Should Have

I mentioned in this last post that I regularly maintain these eyeshadows, but then I looked over my eyeshadow collection and realized that I was being neither exact nor accurate, so instead of being all vague about it, here are some suggestions!

So I'm talking about shadows that you reach for every single day to create looks; those that take up permanent residence in your make up bag or on your "daily use" counter.  Of course, no one single cosmetic company has actually bothered to put these in a single palette for us (because that's just too easy), so we'll have to make our own.

Black:  A go-to black is essential for any look.  This colour is your liner in a pinch - used wet it could even mimic liquid liner - and that means something when I say it.  Not only that, if you layer black underneath any shimmery shadow it gives it a new vibrance and depth that you can't get with any other colour.
Shown here: MAC Carbon

Brown:  This is your go-to contour shade.  That soft, mid-tone brown that can create shadows and enhance creases like no other brown - you NEED this.  It is the simplest, easiest look in the world to dust a little contour colour on your lid and underneath the cheekbone.
Shown here: NARS Lola Lola

Pink/Champagne: Depending on your skin tone, find a medium pinky-nude shade to accent EVERYTHING.  This is that light dust of shimmer across your lid, on top of your cheekbone and in your cupid's bow to plump everything out.  It gives you that gorgeous, light-catching glow à la Jennifer Lopez.
Shown here: Stila Kitten

Nude: This creamy colour will anchor all your shadows and give the colours a little extra oomph.  Try a shade just slightly lighter than your skin tone.  Some people choose to use coloured shadow primers, but I like using a customized shade for each person, so a nude eye shadow works.
Shown here: MAC Brulé

White: You ever seen Blake Lively?  'Nuff said.

Just kidding - just as black is great to give colours more depth, white will give colours an airy finish.  Also great on your lower lash line, in the inner corner of your eyes or on your brow bone.  That being said, if you're pale enough that your nude colour is already a shimmery white, skip this.
Shown here: Urban Decay Polyester Bride

Have fun creating a multitude of looks with the above, lovelies - I know  you'll make me proud!

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