Monday, November 22, 2010

Her name was Lola Lola; she was a NARS girl

With yellow feathers in her hair, and a dress cut down to there ~

I recently purchased NARS's Single Eyeshadow in Lola Lola (apparently endorsed ages ago by Audrina Patridge), because I needed a basic light brown to contour my eye.  Little did I know...

It's an amazing bronzer.  Man I LOVE things that multi-task.  I know I'm not actually getting a lot more on my money (opportunity cost and all that; if I use it on my cheeks I'll have less for my eyes, etc.), but it makes me feel so much better about buying stuff.  It's a nice mid-tone, red-based brown with the tiniest hint of shimmer.  I've used this on a few people now and it seems pretty universal.  I love buying fun colours, but I always regret it if I don't maintain a few basic shades (a beige, a white shimmer, a light pink, a medium brown and a matte black).

Anyway, I went a little crazy with it - you can't even tell as much in these photos, but I am cheekboned like I've never been before.

That brown underneath my cheek bone?  Yeah, that's not a case of light not getting there, it's just a TON of Lola Lola brushed on.  I feel all supermodel-y!

I applied Lola Lola right under my cheek bone, all around my forehead and along my jawline.  LOVE!  Then I put some on the outer corner of my eye to pull the look together. Afterwards I tapped a little on my lip and finished with a clear lipgloss.   I highlighted on top of the cheek with Benefit's High Beam for more contrast - this look in real life is quite avant garde; my camera just couldn't capture it properly.  I recommend no lashes or liner - just let the angles speak for themselves.

~ Music and passion were always in fashion

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