Friday, November 26, 2010

How-To: Coloured Mascara

So several companies are touting coloured mascaras for which you spend either equally as much or more money.  I love a fun-coloured anything - particularly lashes!  I don't even know that this makes sense, but it gives the same feel as a smoky eye - that smolder-y, sexy look.  Here's how to not pay for it.

You will need:
  • Mascara - any colour
  • A fluffy brush (nothing with stiff bristles)
  • Bright eye shadow
  • Shadow guards - or in my world, a folded-up face wipe/tissue
It's the easiest thing in the world - load up your brush with plenty of shadow and gently pat the colour on after you've applied your mascara.  The reason I recommend shadow guards is that you're not really painting the colour on so much as you are dusting it, so holding a tissue underneath will catch all the shadow you spread.  I prefer face wipes because I can wipe off anything I don't catch.

  • I wouldn't put the same colour on your lids.  You can, but that might make it look as though you just forgot to put mascara on afterwards.  I like a contrasting colour, potentially even anchored by black liner (I didn't do that in the example, but if you like a more defined eye, that'd be the way to do it)
  • Apply the mascara to the tops of your lashes too so the powder catches better
  • The brows aren't part of the tutorial, I just felt like going a little runway.  The lashes inspired me!

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