Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How-To: Make Your Lipstick Last

There's nothing more disgusting than when someone's applied lipstick only to have eaten away the middle portion and be left with only the remnants left on the outer corners of the mouth.  You know what I mean right?

Wearing a bright lipstick is a commitment - you need to make the conscious decision to maintain your colour, whether it be through reapplying, or avoiding eating/drinking/talking.  And, of course, regular mirror checks.

This is my Fall 2010 colour
Not such a fan of the light blue lip on the runways -
The Procrastinator likes her some saturation!
Pardon the crappy quality.
I'll stop now.
Here are a few ways to make your lipstick tenure a little less painful!

  1. Scrub
    I don't know exactly that this will totally help your lip colour stay on, but it keeps your lipstick from awkwardly flaking/highlighting the dead skin cells on, so it's reason enough for me.  That and it feels AMAZING.  You can do this a million ways: wet an old toothbrush; moisten a little sugar/salt between your fingers and rub in a circular motion; or if you feel like using an actual product - C.O. Bigelow's Soothing Lip Buffer
  2. Moisturize
    Any lipbalm will do - something high end or drugstore, it really doesn't matter.  I once used eye cream - it was magical.
  3. Conceal
    Take some time to blank out your lip colour with a touch of concealer - your lip colour will be truer and it'll have something to hold onto.  Nothing too liquid-y, try a creamy concealer like MAC StudioFinish Concealer.
  4. LineIf you can find a neutral lipliner or one to match the lipstick you're going to put on, do it.  Aside from outlining what shape you want your lips to be, you should also completely fill in whatever area you plan to paint. Like the concealer, it'll give your lipstick something to adhere to, as well as pump up the colour.
  5. Fill
    Whether or not you want to do this with a lip brush is up to you.  I think they give off different finishes - applying directly from the tube will give greater colour payoff, whereas a lip brush will give you more control.  I suggest both - fill in with a lipbrush, and if you want more colour, carefully navigate the tube over your work.
  6. Blot
    I know this'll take off some of the colour you just applied, but do it anyway for the next step
  7. Powder
    Load up a fluffy brush with a powder (translucent, finishing, whatever - I've even used powder foundation) and dab it all over your mouth and the area around it.  This'll absorb any oils and kind of dry the colour so it stains your lip
  8. Repeat
    Since you're taking off a little colour each time and adding back more, the colour will eventually build.  Repeat steps 5, 6 and 7 until you have the right saturation.  I don't usually need to repeat this more than two or three times.
Don't forget to check on your lip colour throughout the night!

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