Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Travel Beauty: Josie Maran's Argan Oil Stick

I love argan oil, but there's something inherently wrong about paying 3 times what it's worth simply because Josie Maran has decided to endorse it.  Beautiful woman, but come on. So I buy my own from a health food store.

That being said, I can't bring my argan oil with me everywhere - the bottle's glass and it's not the best, leakage-wise.  That and it takes up too much of my liquid quota.

So when Josie Maran came out with her Argan Oil Stick (still ridiculously overpriced, but less expensive than the bottle), a part of me begrudgingly sang out.

Argan oil is one of my plane must-haves.  I don't have particularly dry skin, but on a plane, I swear I can feel the skin around my eyes stretching and the crows feet comfortably nestling into the skin.  So before I fly, I make sure to argan oil my entire face.

Dryness doesn't just attack my skin though, I usually put a few drops in the ends of my hair.  Let's face it - no one's hair looks good after a plane ride, but I find if I put in something resembling a leave-in conditioner and try not to play with it too much, I'm more presentable than when I don't.

It's very simple - just rub the stick  on your palms, massage over face/hair/nails/elbows, and you'll retain enough moisture even for a 15 hour flight (it's tried and true).

PS: I secretly also use it when I tan unevenly.  I just rub some where I want to bake faster so I don't get tan lines.  Not that you should tan or anything. Ever.  Bad tanning readers!

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  1. Hearing about this for the first time. Moisture retainment is so crucial. I love that this is so multi functional!