Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Two-Tone? Ungaro? MAC Pro? Longwear? Sold.

I was obsessed with Ungaro's Fall 2009 RTW two-tone lip.  You all know I love anything not matching - different nails, earrings and now lips!  I've also been itching to test out these MAC Pro Longwear Lipcremes - et puis, an opportunity brought by fate!

 As Charlotte on Sex and the City said: "You get two great loves."  My one love: mismatched anything, and my other: saturated colours.

So here's one of the Ungaro looks - there was another in a darker/lighter red lip, but that's just too tame for me, so here we go with the dark pink and orange!

Funny enough, this show's make up was done by MAC - no sacrilege here!

So I used Love Forever (a blue-based, bubble gum pink) and Good to Go (a bright Halloween orange).  These colours aren't quite as muted as the ones used in the Ungaro show, but I like my colours bright, so no matter. If you'd like a more muted tone just dust a little powder foundation over your lips after you're done.

The colour pay off is impressive (though not unusual for MAC), and the lasting power equally so.  That is, if you let it dry properly.  I highly advise against ingesting/speaking/breathing during the time it takes for the colour to set.  Until you tap your finger all over your lips and encounter ZERO tacky areas, restrain yourself.  If even a moment earlier you take a sip, your work will have been painfully wasted on the plastic straw.  Otherwise, the colour will last all day, coming off only when you so choose!

Here's mine:

It's shockingly wearable!  And I've had at least four separate parties of people approach me saying "I love your lips!"  It can't be that much of a fail then, can it?  I think this look calls for a strong cat-eye to complete our mod sixties look (like the Mad Men cast in editorial!)

Caution: I wouldn't wear this with the swirly eye I showed you the other day - that'd be too much even for me.  Unless the occasion called for it, of course!

Edit: As I've obviously been wearing this look every. single. day. I've found that a light gray shadow (no liner, just mascara) goes gorgeously with it.  Or a bronzey-gold eye, no mascara.  It gives it a desert-y feel.

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