Friday, November 12, 2010

Wanna be on Top (and bottom)?

I was doing this during an episode of ANTM...forgive the pathetic title.


Okay, it's out of my system.  Moving on.

So, I was originally going to do a post about putting eyeshadow colours on your upper lid and lower lid, and the difference.  I'll do that tomorrow, because I came up with something even better: BOTH!

I know it sounds a little crazy, so this is not for the self-conscious or the risk-averse.  Those who are daring, step forward!

Note: In this post, I mentioned how there's a difference between something looking properly styled and for all intents and purposes "on purpose" versus: "Oh...I forgot what I was doing."

Most people would ask "...Are you really going out like that?" and to them I say "well, duh."

I find it so shockingly un-costume-y considering the colours and the application.  It's just a sheer wash of colour peeking out from either eye.  Again, this would probably look twice as weird if you were to do only one colour on each eye (not to mention a subtle colour), but for going out, a fun runway show or just a boring day, don't be afraid to switch it up!

So what I've done here is a gradient of three colours: fuschia, periwinkle and aqua - all reasonably equally saturated and shimmery/glittery in their finish.  You'll recall from the aforementioned post that finish is extremely important for the final look's polish.

Also, when putting such a strong colour on your bottom lid, it's important that you apply a touch of eyeliner on your lower lashline to pull the colours together.  You can get away with not putting liner on your upper lashline (even the one with eyeshadow on it), but on the eye with colour on your lower lid, it is a must.

You'll see in my photos that I haven't even put liner on the lower lashline on my left eye since there's no colour on it.

Things I Used
Aqua - Urban Decay's Flipside
Periwinkle - NARS's Rated R
Fuschia - Urban Decay's Fishnet
Mascara - DiorShow Extase, Rimmel London's Sexy Curves
Liner - Covergirl Liquieline
Lip - NARS's Morocco


  1. Oh my god, this looks so good! If I saw a girl with eyes like that I would definitely go up to her and be like "Okay, we need to be friends because you are obviously AMAZING."

  2. avant garde! love it <3

  3. I guess I'm already friends with an obviously amazing girl in this case though :D

  4. I decided to try this one out as well? Wanna see how it turned out?

  5. "I know it sounds a little crazy, so this is not for the self-conscious or the risk-averse. Those who are daring, step forward!"

    wow so crazy, I mean, like, this is eyeshadow!!!! omg!!!
    TOtallY ShaLLow