Monday, December 13, 2010

Goody Spin Pins My Hair Right Round, Right Round

So I've been reading so much about these Goody Spin Pins (seriously, people are RAVING.  This is almost like when the new revolution of hair straighteners with rounded edges came out), I had to pick them up from Wal-Mart and try them out on some poor, helpless victim.

Here's what I think:  People, thus far, are not wrong about the spin pins - I can see why people like them.   I don't, however, think that they're SO amazing.  Maybe they were just hyped up?  Or maybe I need to get used to them.  They hold hair up just fine and they're infinitely easier to use and more secure than the 20 bobby pins they supposedly replace, but there are a couple limitations.
Spin Pins * Dark Hair * Goody Simple Styles

  • They loosen after a while, depending on how well you screw them in.  If you make a really tight bun they'll stay in longer.
  • This is true of most buns, but on straight Asian hair the ends don't always lay flat and sometimes (awkwardly) fan out.  You may need a few extra bobby pins to help you deal with  the ends.  If you don't want to use more bobby pins, give your hair some texture (curling/crimping/waving) and it'll cooperate better.
  • For anyone with really thin/really thick hair, these wouldn't work.  I'd say if your pony tail is smaller than a nickel they'll show.
  • I'm finding it a little difficult to control the shape of the bun and how it falls with stubborn/unruly hair
Other than that, a handy tool to have in your kit, especially if you just need a makeshift bun to serve as a base for an updo.  Spin away!

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  1. You cant get these here... my friend brought some from Ireland over for my other friend who lives in vanuatu and none for me- was so jealy! I stole one when we were out one night as decided she didnt need 2, but I confessed and she said I could have one- then I lost it- now whats the moral of that story!!