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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Grad Photo Make Up

"Smile!  Chin down...Come on, big smile for me!  Uncross your legs...okay, now how about we try the bouquet of fake roses instead of the scroll?" - Annoying photographer (wo)man who won't let me relax my mouth.

So I'm about to get some grad photos taken and I was thinking of looks to go with.  Here's the thing about grad photos - I know that people will know what year they're from, but I think I'm going to try and keep it from looking too dated.  You remember looking through your yearbooks - in my day, butterfly clips, pin-straight hair, permatans and wayyyy too much liner stole the show.  I really don't want people to know that glitter, liquid liner and side braids are all the rage right now, so I think I'll skip on both.

So here are some looks that I'm pondering - since it is a photo, I've gone with a heavier base, filled in my brows and given myself some bronzer to contour.  And of course I had to bring back an old friend to help fake eight hours of sleep.

Option #1
This is a pretty basic, neutral look with a little colour on the cheek so I don't look washed out/dead.  Paired with no colour on the lid, just mascara and a blue-pink lipgloss.

Option #2
I've given myself a more vibrant "my lip colour but better" lip and taken some colour from the cheeks.  There's a certain old film star appeal to this, but I might need more colour on the cheek.

Option #3
I gave myself a darker, more defined eye with a little colour on the cheek and just a shiny gloss on the lip.  This one looks most like my every day self, but I'm afraid the dark eye might come off too trendy?  

How does everyone vote?


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