Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Hate Secret Santa

Don't get me wrong - it's great if you have a group of close mutual friends who know each other well and have ideas for each other and that way you only have to buy one gift and everyone gets something.

But I despise Secret Santa.  I never realize how hard it is to stay within a price limit until I absolutely have to.  So here are some ideas that hopefully fall within your Secret Santa price range!  I've chosen not to do any super obvious ones like gift cards or bath products - I hate giving either of those things unless someone specifically asks or I'm caught off-guard and gift-less.  Gift cards feel so impersonal sometimes, and not only do bath products occasionally feel generic (although Lush does some amazing sets), I feel like I'm telling people that they need to clean themselves.  Anyone else feel that way?

Sunlight Desk Lamp Natural Full Spectrum Sun Light. Simulates Daylight. 150Watt Output uses 27 Watts. Touch On/Off Switch.

  1. A refillable fragrance atomizer - totally random, I know, but I hate that I can't always bring my liquid perfumes with me when I go somewhere, so this is just fun little convenience that people don't always think to get for themselves.  $10 from Sephora
  2. flash drive (just a tiny one, like 4GB) with a Christmas episode of the receiver's favourite show.  Or carols.  Or whatever.  I love USB flash drives - you can never have too many!  ~$9.00 from Future Shop
  3. A mini flat iron.  I'm serious.  They range from price, but you can get one that's relatively cheap.  Imagine, you open up a Secret Santa gift and you get a hair straightener?  Yes please!  This one goes for $15.00
  4. A jar (any old Mason jar will do, or you can buy a pretty one.  I like Mason jars!)  or travel mug with homemade hot chocolate mix!  Cocoa + milk powder + sugar + cayenne = dee-lish.  Just don't overdo the cocoa - apparently you only need about a cup for every six cups of mix.  Who knew?  I also tape on a candy cane for extra festivity purposes.
  5. I adore pouches/make up bags/tiny containers of all kinds so anything that is designed to hold something else I welcome with open arms.  This make up clutch from Sephora is just too cute to pass up. ~$15 from Sephora
  6. Tell me if you think this is weird: one year my friend got a desktop lamp that emulates natural light for Christmas one year, and I adored it.  She couldn't even tell me where she bought it so I scoured the internet for SO LONG (and sadly never found one I liked).  Of course, a few years later, has reached into the farthest depths of the universe to find us things, so here's one for $30! 
  7. OPI Mini Set.  I love nail polish, but even I rarely get through an entire bottle before the colour gets all goopy and I have to thin it out.  For almost every collection, OPI picks four favourites from the line and packages them together in tiny little bottles so you can try all the colours. The one I've linked is their Swiss collection which has some gorgeous holiday colours for $9.00
If you have any other ideas, please do share!  We all know how hard this is, so don't be afraid to make it a little easier on everyone.

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  1. Excellent suggestions! I like the mini iron, sun lamp and the mini OPI collection. Too bad the sun lamp isn't available from Amazon Canada .. or is it?