Monday, January 31, 2011

Review: Hot Tools Deep Waver

So it was my friend's 21st birthday this weekend and she mentioned when I saw her for my other friend's birthday she mentioned this hair tool she just had to have.  She described it to me as this thing that you clamp onto your hair and it would make a wave.  I thought she meant a triple-barreled curling iron.  She actually meant the Hot Tools deep waver.
HOT TOOLS Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Deep Waver (Model: 2179)

So clearly this isn't the most popular tool on the market.  I had a hard time finding a review to see if it actually worked.  The birthday girl told me she saw a review on JulieG and after seeing it, I went to and purchased one on her behalf (plus a Hot Tools 1.5 in curling iron for myself - review soon!) and kindly asked her to try it for you.

I contemplated trying it myself and hoping she wouldn't noticed I'd opened it but my roommate convinced me not to.  The conversation went like this:

Me: Do you think I can open this and she won't notice?
Her: ...Please don't do that.

Deep Waver Stats
  • Temperature dial up to 430F
  • ON/OFF -  kind of nifty; you can keep the temperature you like even though it's off.
  • 8-foot swivel cord
  • Heat-up time - approx. 2 minutes?  I had it at 430F
  • You need some length to do this. I could really get about two crimps per section of hair.

The birthday girl has really fine, light hair.  It's got some natural texture, but I remember she used to tell me she had a hard time curling it with a flatiron. I hate her a little - she can apply any heat to her hair and  it'll still be soft.  Not true for mine.

So here's the first section: it ends up with a series of big crimps.  I tried it on a section of my own hair and the result was more or less the same.  I was worried that the crimps would be really misshapen - as in, if I clamped the hair too close to a previous section, it would completely straighten.  It happened a few times but I don't think you need to be too careful.

Here's her whole head done - she didn't go to the root to keep it from being too mermaid-y.  I think that could look really good with the right look though.  As you can see, the crimps get bigger the longer you clamp the hair.  Makes sense.

Look how shiny and golden!!
After a while the crimps kind of loosen to be waves.  She lightly tousled the crimps so they fell out a little more; if you just leave them they maintain their crimpy shape.  Then she straightened her bangs and pinned a tiny section from her hairline back into a little braid.
She wanted to show you all her braid.  Very cute, no?

Here's a thing: I only used one hand on my own hair.  The crimps end up kind of diagonal, so be really careful to make sure the diagonals go the opposite way.  In the picture of the back of her head above, you can see that the crimps make a downward arrow.  That's kind of what you want or the crimps won't align.  Unless you don't want them to, in which case - crimp awkwardly away!

A million Halloween costume ideas are running through my head - Helen of Troy, mermaids, any 80s pop star???  We'll see.


  1. you should redo your blog header photo! it's kind of confusing right now :)

    1. I purchased my Hot Tools Deep Waver last week and haven't used it yet.
      I am wondering if you can use regular styling products before use,like Heat Glide. I use the CHI products, there great! In one of these pictures of the birthday girl it looks as though the wave didn't take to well, the very back ones. Also I find that if I dampend my hair lightly and just do the ponytail braid I get a better, long lasting wave.

  2. @Anonymous Funny you should say that! A new one is currently in the works x