Monday, February 7, 2011

Hot Tool Indeed...

I mentioned in this previous post that I recently purchased my first Hot Tools curling iron.  Hot Tools is one of my very first heated hair tool.  I think the very first was one of those old Conair drugstore flatirons that came with 3 different kinds of attachments in different crimp sizes.  It was terrible.  Since then I've never used anything Conair that's not from their Infiniti line.

So here's the one I got - the 1.5 in. barrel Hot Tools Professional spring iron:

I really like it!  Most people asked why I need a curling iron after the GHD, but I do think it gives a different kind of curl.  It's a little more damaging than my GHD, but beauty is pain.

Stats are more or less the same as the deep waver; they have 10 heat settings as well as an ON/OFF button, and an 8 foot swivel cord.  I purchased mine on, but I shipped it to the US so I can't comment on folica's Canadian shipping, sorry!

This just gives such gorgeous volume - I think people with longer could get the 2 in. but for hair as short as mine, 1.5 worked.  I used this on a friend with longer hair the other day; I sectioned, then pinned the curls so they could set, and they released into that hair I always wanted as a kid.  You remember in the early 2000s how every leading lady had that coveted straight-with-volume-at-the top-but-curls-at-the-bottom?  Think Jennifer Lopez in the Wedding Planner or Catherine Zeta-Jones in Entrapment.  You know what I mean.

I think this would be really great just to add a little bend to the roots and ends.  I'm also really thinking I want the 2 in. and the 1 in. and the 3/4 in.  Am I sounding crazy yet?

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