Friday, February 4, 2011

I hate people who play favourites.

But I've been finding more and more of these monthly favourite posts on different blogs and I want to be one of the cool kids too!

Monthly Favourites - they are exactly that.  At the end of the month, or in the first few days of the next month, I'll post a list of fun things I've tried or quite simply fallen in love with.  It makes sense once you read it.

Favourite things of January (in an orderly, clockwise fashion)!

January Favourites

  1. I recently found a zippered pocket on the sleeve of my winter coat, and have decided that it'd be a perfect place to keep my phone and a lip gloss.  I've reviewed this gloss before, but please let me have a minute to bask in my love for this gloss.  Okay.  Thanks.
  2. This is the Matt&Nat Malik clutch, and I have to say I do not actually own this, but I recently purchased something similar.  I'm trying to communicate that instead of toting my purse to the grocery store or the movies when I know I won't need a ton of stuff, I just carry a tiny little cardholder/clutch like this, attach my keys to it and go!  I bring my wallet when I know I'll need to spend a lot, or have all my cards, but really, it's become close to obsolete.  Sorry, wallet.
  3. Caudalie Beauty Elixir came to me about a year ago, but after I finished my first tiny bottle, I never repurchased it because I went on a rosewater kick.  Still love rosewater, but a week ago they had these in one of the impulse purchase bins for $18 CAD at Sephora, so I gave in and impulsed.  I'm SO GLAD I did!  It's perfect for when I apply my make up too heavily - just a light spritz over my face and it immediately looks fresher and more natural.
  4. This is my first foray into gel liners, and I'm pleasantly surprised by Maybelline's Gel Eye Liner!  It's really creamy and smooth and the black is black enough for me - and you all know how dark and rich I like my eyeliner/mascara.  It comes with a handy little eyeliner brush which works fantastically, or any angle brush will do.  I want to review it properly for you, but I'd rather try a few others so I have a proper benchmark.
  5. Hot Tools Curling Iron - LOVE this.  I haven't had a curling iron in a really long time; I've mostly been using my GHD or the Conair Infiniti You Curl.  I'd forgotten how gorgeous just a little volume can be, and with the 1.5 in barrel I purchased, it's so, so easy to get.
Anything January brought you that you particularly liked?

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