Friday, February 11, 2011

Review: Korres Wild Rose Foundation

I've been kind of breaking out lately, probably due to stress/unhealthy diet/everything else you can think of.  No matter, while I figure out a way to calm my skin, it's an excuse to test a series of medium-full coverage foundations on your behalf!

First up?  Korres' Wild Rose!

I was perusing the Sephora site when I remembered all the things I'd read about the Watermelon Tinted Moisturizer.  I'm looking for something a little heavier, and a few clicks later, they brought me the Wild Rose Foundation.  The claim?  That it lightens acne scarring and helps reduce hyperpigmentation.  Bingo!

Korres Wild Rose Foundation WRF1

Price first!  At ~$36 CAD for 1.01 oz, not the most expensive foundation Sephora has to offer!  Why not?  And with their 30-day return policy, it's not really a commitment.

I was attempting to colour match myself (PS: bad idea.  Don't do it!), and I realized the colours were really, really yellow.  Okay?  I know it's a Greek line but...surely you'd like to capture more market?  Fortunately I'm quite yellow myself so it blended decently well.  But something just wasn't right - the colour wasn't settling properly.  Finally, I gave up and sought the expertise of a sales assistant and she bumped me up two shades lighter than what I'd picked out.  Turns out the foundation colours start reaaaally dark.  Lighter/pinker skinned people, I'd stay away.

It looked really good in the store so I picked up a bottle then promptly decided to try applying it myself.  I applied with a foundation brush and realized something while/after I put it on.  It felt really...weird.  Like, tight almost?  The way I imagine my dry-skinned friends feel after they wash their faces with hot water.  It was like the make up was pulling my skin...somewhere, and I wasn't sure where.  Regardless, I kept it on and went to a birthday party.

Looking at the photos, it actually is an amazing match for my skin and does a great job hiding blemishes.  My skin looked shockingly smooth, far clearer than I expected.

Fun things:  It contains SPF 20 and there's a little metal ball inside (like in nail polish, but bigger) so it shakes up rather satisfyingly.  No pump though, so you kind of have to wing it when you pour it out.

What do I think?  There has to be something that photographs equally well and doesn't pull.  I'm going to find you.

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