Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Review: Poshe vs Seche Vite Top Coats

So you may have heard here or here that I like nail polish.  However, I am terrible when it comes to taking care of my nails.  I bite them, shred the skin around them, never file my nails or soften my cuticles.  That's not a joke.  In fact - tip of the frickin' iceberg.

This is awful but I only recently started using base coat.  I only started using base coat when my nails were so yellow my mother saw them and wanted me to get my liver checked.  I managed to soothe her hysteria by showing her my nail polish collection.  Then she started yelling at me about buying so much polish.  Good thing she hasn't found the rest of this blog!

So here are two top coats that garnered significant buzz around the blogosphere - after reading several reviews, I decided to try both.  First Seche Vite and more recently Poshe.

Poshe Super-Fast Drying Top Coat  Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat .5 Fl Oz

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Let's talk price first.  I (foolishly) purchased Seche Vite from a beauty supply in Toronto, and it cost about $10 for 0.5 oz..  After that fiasco, I ordered a giant bottle of Poshe top coat from Head2ToeBeauty (along with a handful of China Glaze polishes, of course) for a lot less per ounce. It was a while back so I can't quote the price I paid, but they currently sell the 2 oz. refill jar for $9.25 USD.  Beware though, they say something about the brush going all the way down to the bottom of the jar - they do not provide a small bottle.  I had to decant mine into an empty polish bottle.

In terms of drying time, I actually think they're quite even.  I think both polishes dry equally well and equally quickly, but my roommate did mention that she felt like the Seche Vite dried the layers underneath more quickly.  I didn't find this myself, but maybe I just apply thinner layers of polish:?

Shine-wise, Seche is shinier.  I do love a shiny finish, but the Poshe is shiny enough for me considering how not annoying it is, and here's what I mean.

The Seche Vite gets SO thick and gloopy halfway through the bottle.  I mean strings pulling, ultra-viscous, brush-hardening thick.  It still kind of worked, but it was really hard to achieve an even, smooth finish.  I've been using the Poshe for about six months now and it hasn't gotten any thicker, which I think is a good sign.  The Seche Vite thickened exponentially and by the three month mark it was impossible to use with less than inhuman effort and patience.  My research has told me regular thinner doesn't work, and that even the Seche-specific thinner is kind of sucky.  Ergo, impossible to use.

My pick?  Poshe, hands down.  Unless you use enough Seche to run through an entire bottle in less time than it takes to thicken up.


  1. I used the regular thinner from Sally's in my SV and it's fine. I'm half way through the bottle and it's still very workable. Just thought I'd let you know :)

  2. @LeeAnnStoner Ooh, thanks for the rec! I'm only about halfway through my 100 mL bottle of POshe but will give the regular thinner/SV a try when I run out. I'm excited now :)

  3. I used Seche and I think that stuff is amazing but mine also got very thick as well. I did buy the Seche Restore and it brought my top coat back to life =)

  4. Poshe sucks. The reason why? The first time I've used it it was very shiny and gave me a salon like finish. Second time, gloopy, messy, and so much shrinkage. I've tried working with it all the way to the bottom but, impossible. It hardened so fast no thinner would make it better. I am not re purchasing this product.Be aware that what posh writes their polishes do isn't always true. 80% of it is false.

    1. I'm sorry it didn't work out for you! I do find that Poshe gets cloudy faster than Seche, which might contribute to the less shiny finish the second time. Do you like Seche better?