Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So Soft, Smooth, Silky and other Sexy S Words!

In honour of Valentine's Day being this month, I was thinking I'll do some V-Day themed posts.  Starting with the following:

(Not that I'm a huge V-Day fanatic or anything - I swear I'm not one of those girls who feels the need to bash it if I'm single, or to celebrate it if I'm taken.  I've always been kind of indifferent, which I've heard is the real opposite of love.  Maybe this isn't my holiday...)

This is Lush's Soft Coeur massage bar.  It's the most delicious smelling thing EVER.  The website says it's chocolate and honey, and I absolutely agree.  It's also called The Honeymooner which is kind of cute =).

So it's meant for sexy massage and whatnot (for honeymooners!  I get it!), but being as vain as I am, I use it as a body oil to moisturize my skin. I keep one by the shower and immediately after I get out, I roughly pat myself down and warm the bar up between my palms.  It should start melting right away, since all Lush bars are designed to melt at body temperature.

Here's a tidbit:  For those of you looking to extend the life of your scent, this works really well with Thierry Mugler's Angel.  Scents last longest when you start from the bottom layer - as in, if you can find a body wash, moisturizer and an eau de parfum in the same scent, it'll last the longest.  The scent from the massage bar alone actually lasts quite a while anyway, but it does take some time to soak in, so I'd spend 5 - 10 minutes drying your hair before you put clothes on.

Happy February 2nd!

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