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Friday, February 18, 2011

Travel Beauty: What to Pack for...the City!

I personally am not spending the week relaxing on a beach - instead, I am going to a city that boasts good food.  If you know me, you'll know I'm a huuuuge foodie and I occasionally get more excited about eating than buying on vacation.  That's right - food > make up/clothes/shoes/accessories.  I think I've just committed beauty blogger blasphemy.

I'll be there for five days, which will include one night of dressing up, but otherwise pretty casual activities, maybe with another nice dinner along the way.  So here's my extensively detailed packing list.  All of the following items fit on my person and into a 20.5 inch carry on.  You ready?  Let's go.

Plane:  Jeans, white tank, black blazer, boots, leather tote

The great thing about this outfit is that it's comfortable, and all the pieces can easily be re-worn.  In fact, I'll be wearing these boots (too tall to be shown) every single day, except for dressier things.

Day Clothing:  Pink t-shirt, black tank, black long sleeved shirt, cropped sweater, grey jeans

Between two pairs of jeans and four shirts and a layering piece, I should be able to get at least 16 outfits from this.  Of course, I only need five, but I felt the need to carve out the realm of possibility.

Night Clothing:  Black pencil skirt, white top, heels

I'm wearing exactly this combination to a party, and if I should need another dinner outfit, I can easily pair the black tank with this skirt for a makeshift LBD.  Not sure how scandalous this backless top will be, but I can always pull on a blazer if it turns out to be an uber-conservative party.  Maybe I'll even throw in  a piece of jewelry?  I'll likely forget.

Accessories:  One circle scarf, long silver/turquoise necklace, silver hoops and cocktail ring, leather strap watch

I realized this green scarf belongs under plane clothing, but not until after I took the photos.  Oh well!  I use circle scarf mainly so when I wrap myself up on the plane, the ends won't come undone and my hands won't end up anywhere awkward (not that that's happened or anything).  The necklace can go day or night, and the silver hoops are just in case I feel like changing it up.  This cocktail ring goes with everything and I usually keep this in my purse in case I suddenly need to dress up a little.  I probably won't wear any of these things together though (except the watch, which I wear all the time).

Make Up:  Make  Up For Ever HD Foundation, Lancome Maquicomplet concealer, L'Oreal Telescopic liquid liner, Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara, contact lens case with shea butter and NARS Multiple, palette (currently contains Benefit Dallas and Hoola, and the rest will be filled in with four MAC shadows I will purchase on my trip), Urban Decay All-Nighter, travel brushes.

I don't normally do foundation on trips, but since my skin has been so unruly lately I've found it necessary for every day.  Also, for a five-day trip, I keep one nail colour the entire time.  It's possible, if you get a good manicure and dry it properly, otherwise the nail polish bottles just take up a ton of room in my liquids baggie.

Skin Care:  Stacked pots with Lancome cleanser, Neutrogena Dry Touch sunscreen; Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector as a concealer (and I recently ordered a Clarisonic Mia which will be waiting for me at my destination!  Review to come!).  Also, I'm not bringing the full sized tubes with me, just showing you what the original products look like!

You need, need, need sunscreen even in the winter.  I cannot stress this enough.  Most people don't believe me/make fun of me when I put sunscreen on as though they've decided the sun has gone away just because it's been hidden by some clouds.  To those people I say: when the rays bounce off fields of snow, they get even worse.

Hair Care: I am bringing my own conditioner and that is all.  My hair's pretty good with once-every-3-days washing so I'm only bringing a travel sized bottle.  Maybe I'll bring a little baby powder to maintain my pre-vacation blowout, but beyond that, shampoo's the same everywhere.

If you made it all the way to the end of the post, we would probably get along really well in real life.  Happy vacationing kids, I'll talk to you soon!


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