Tuesday, March 22, 2011

One Small Step for a Blog...

...the first step into eye make up!

I've been on the market for an eyeshadow primer for a while. 

I'm shamefully ignorant when it comes to eye shadows, and I'm also irrationally wary.  I'm looking into one of those giant 88 or 120 colour palettes, but my fear is that I'll just end up wasting my money on crappy shadows with horrible texture and lacking pigmentation.  Every review seems to insist that you need a primer underneath the shadows for them to realize their full potential, but this has always insinuated to me that they're kind of crap on their own.  MAC shadows going on so smoothly even without a primer, but is it ridiculous to ask such a thing of these giant palettes?  We'll see.  First, we'll find the perfect primer!

This was suggested by a sales assistant who insisted the texture was exactly like that of Smashbox's Photofinish Primer.  Not so.  GOSH's Velvet Touch Eye Primer is waaaay more liquid-y.  The effect on your skin feels quite like the Smashbox version, but be warned - when you squeeze the tube, the needlenose applicator will shoot out a tiny fountain of primer at you.  This is one of those instances where a little goes a long way, so don't overuse!  I put it all underneath my eye and up to my browbone, and it my shadow didn't start creasing until about the 8th hour; even then, it was the tiniest difference from what it had been a few hours back.  The colours were still strong and vibrant, and the texture was more or less the same as it had been when I first applied.  I say, a solid contender!

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