Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Review: Macadamia Healing Oil and Deep Repair Masque

In my journey of hair-repair efforts, I came across Elle Fowler or AllThatGlitters21's video on hair extensions.  She mentions in the video that she got her extensions out and then wanted to put them right back in, so to make her hair healthy enough for such intense treatments, her stylist made her wear this treatment for 18 hours!  The products?

Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Hair Healing Kit, Macadamia Oil Healing Oil Treatment 4.2oz & Deep Repair Masque 8.5oz

These guys can be purchased separately or together for slightly cheaper.  My local Trade Secrets didn't carry them in a set so I got the Healing Oil for $36 and the Masque for $26 before taxes.

So what you do is you mix one pump or so of the healing oil treatment (I only use about half a pump for my four inches of hair) with enough mask to cover your head.  I don't think I'd do it root to tip twice a week if you have long hair; things could get really greasy.  I mix them in the palm of my hand then distribute it with my hands through my hair.  I don't really use a brush or comb because I feel like it wipes the product off my hair, so I take care to make sure my hair is thoroughly covered.

Funny story at this point - my roommate and I couldn't find any shower caps, so we seriously contemplated wrapping my head with saran wrap.  Eventually we found something easier to work with (read: giant Ziplock bag), but I can actually see that working really well!

So I slept with it in my hair and shampooed/conditioned it out the next morning.  Before blow drying I rubbed a little of the oil on my ends and proceeded to dry.

Ladies and gentlemen, can you hold your applause t'il the end?  No, you can't, and you shouldn't have to!  This is, without a doubt, the most amazing thing I have ever put on my hair.  I've switched shampoos before, and tried a bunch of treatments that have made me go "oooooh" but nothing quite like this.  I'm even counting all those times that I've gone away on week-long camping trips with no available showers, and even that first shampoo after those trips cannot touch this.

Guys, my hair is softer than it's ever been - almost like no heat appliance or perm or anything has ever touched it.  Like...that really shiny, soft hair that you imagine Pantene commercial hair to feel like - like that.  If I've never said it before, I'm saying it now - I'm in love.

It's not that kind of at-first-sight love either - I've used this 3 or 4 times now, and I'm getting the same results every single time.  I almost want to damage my hair a little more so I can keep this exponential softening thing going, but that seems counterintuitive.

Last, but not least - the SCENT.  It's amazing, it smells like the best combination of tropical fruits and spicy Christmas cookies.  Or something equally good.  Either way, it's delicious and it lingers in your hair for a good two or three days. 

You need to get this.  That is all.

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