Monday, March 14, 2011

Review: RedKen SatinWear Blow Dry Lotion

Happy Pi Day!   I would do a pi post, but I'm still figuring out an interpretation.  Maybe on the ultimate Pi day of our lives?

I'm kind of settling into a pretty regular, consistent hair routine since my last cut. I'm hoping that the next time my hair dresser sees me, he won't scold me again for my love of flatiron-ing.

When it comes to blow drying, I'm not one of those people who can give themselves a blowout .  I have no idea how people can be that coordinated.  I once saw an ad for a blow out class at a salon, but it was too far away, and I'm kind of thinking I wouldn't be able to do it without step-by-step guidance anyway.

So yes, I dry as quickly as I can with a hair dryer (i.e. the hottest setting + direct hair contact) and all my styling comes from a curling iron or a flatiron.  The closest thing to a styling trick is me flipping my head upside down for a little lift, but I have to admit: the only result I get is a head rush from standing up too quickly.

Redken Satinwear Blow Dry Lotion, 5-Ounces Bottle
This lotion has been fantastic for cutting my drying time into almost a third I would say.  Pretty impressive!  It takes me about 5 minutes to go from towel dry to 90% dry, which has saved me so much time in the mornings.  Also, I never realized how much damage the heat from my hair dryer was inflicting on my hair - it just...never occurred to me, even though I absolutely use the highest heat setting and aim the nozzle so close to my scalp. 

This product gets a heart! <3

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