Friday, April 22, 2011

It was far too early for this...

...hence why the colours are a little awkwardly washed out.

As promised, my first BH 120 Palette look. 

Not my best look ever (note to self: waking up early to blog before breakfast never works), and I think the early morning light kind of messed with my camera.  Please do bear in mind that the colours were so much more vibrant in real life, and my camera just doesn't do it justice.  These also stayed on pretty well - they lost some pigmentation, but left almost a stain-like finish on my lids.  Intriguing!

Please also disregard my really awkwardly/dry/foundation-covered lips.

It's too early for this.  *sad*

Lynn (who you may remember from here and here) stopped by and I couldn't help but force neons on that gorgeous olive skin!  Isn't that the coolest shadow map?  I've never worked on another eye like this before!
May I just add - no primer!


  1. the palette colors look great on both of you! having such big palettes to work with makes makeup so much more fun!

  2. Hey, to answer your question (in case you don't check back in on that post!), I color in my brows ever so lightly with Too Faced's Brow Pencil in Blonde-y because otherwise you'd never see them (downside to being blonde, I'm sure you know!) I have really thick, caterpillar-like brows naturally so I get them waxed my arch is really ALL thanks to my eyebrow waxer! haha


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