Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Look papa, I'm a REAL blogger!

I just received my BH Cosmetics 120 Palette - first edition!

I had to get this since every guru on Youtube had one - yes, I am indeed one of those.

Opening remarks:  I have an issue with drugstore products - I am a huge you-get-what-you-pay-for believer.  Whenever I see these good reviews about these gigantic palettes from Coastal Scents/BHCosmetics/etc, I have such a hard time believing they'll be good.  I always think maybe people are saying good for how much you pay for them?  I'm always looking for budget products that are as good as department store, and I don't think I'll find something exactly the same.  The closest I came was L'Oreal's Bare Naturale mascara, and they discontinued that.  Heathens!

120 Color Eyeshadow Palette - 1st Edition

Concerns: Many people had an issue with their palettes arriving damaged due to poor packaging or rough handling.  Just wanted to let you know that mine arrived with plenty of paper wrapping, bubble wrap and several boxes - none of the shadows were cracked or damaged.  Also, for you Canadians - I ordered directly from the site and received the palette maybe 5 days or so after the order processed.  Not too shabby!

So my thoughts on this palette?

We can divide these colours into two categories:  Good Pigmentation and Bad Pigmentation.  In the photos below, you will be able to judge for yourself the level of good/bad.  The texture of the shadow is more or less the same across the board - they are pretty dry and without a primer, they crease and flake off pretty easily.

The swatches below are shown over the GOSH Velvet Touch Eye Primer.  Note: I'm finding that this primer pills a little bit, does that happen with yours?

Disclaimer: Not the best swatches ever - I was kind of in a hurry because my battery was dying and I wanted to get this in for you guys.  If there are any particular rows you want me to do, just comment below and I will re-swatch!

Swatch overload to begin!

Does anyone know why my photos are reoriented/how to reorient them?  Please comment below, thanks!

It really wasn't worth doing individual lines
The pigmentation was really awful on the leftmost swatches.
I accidentally reversed the lines so the swatches mirror the pots.

If you can't see the swatch, it means it essentially didn't show up on my skin..
Maybe on a darker skin tone?  Those were mostly highlight colours though.

I'll post a look with these on Friday!


  1. i'm one of those, too....i have been guilty of (more than once!) buying something because of beauty gurus on youtube. i've wanted the BH palette, too, but i rarely wear bright colors on my lids (usually just liner if i do color), but they have a great neutrals palette that i want, so maybe i should just go for it if you say it isn't so bad.

    looking forward to seeing the posted look with these!

  2. I have the Metal Mania palette ( a no-brand, generic one) since it has neturals and some colours and is very shimmery. It's made by the same brand as BH cosmetics and mine are kind of creamy, but not as creamy as the Metal eyeshadows from MAC.

    I found your blog on Elle& in a "follow my blog" section.

    I love your blog and I would love it if you could follow back pubicly:


  3. thanks for the swatches! i've been wanting to try this palette!

    Love your blog, following you now! Be sure to check out the giveaway on my blog!

  4. Thanks for sharing the lovely swatches dear. :)