Monday, May 16, 2011

I kissed a girl and I liked it...

The taste of her cherry...

Chapstick Lip Balm Spf 4, Cherry - 0.15 Oz

I've never actually tried the cherry version!  I've decided I like it.  It smells like red Freezies!  I don't actually taste anything, but it's delightfully soft and not at all waxy.  I've been using the EOS smooth sphere, but I think I like this better.  EOS leaves me feeling flaky, but I can't get over the spherical novelty.

Is this better than my Philosophy Kiss Me?  It's different.  That's a liquid emollient, so it really feels like it's absorbing into your lips and leaving just moisturized lip behind.  This, on the other hand, leaves a little residue like there's a physical barrier between your lips and the rest of the world.  They smell kind of similar though!  I think it comes down to personal preference.  It's easier to share the Philosophy Kiss Me because people just squeeze it out of the tube, as opposed to wiping down your Chapstick every time.

Are you guys squeamish about sharing things?  I used to have a die-hard no-mascara-sharing rule, which was actually already a relaxation on my no-sharing-anything rule, but TOD and I actually share mascara now.  I try to keep separate ones for her, but they all end up getting mixed up anyway.  I just tend to throw any I've used on her out after she claims I've given her some sort of eye infection.

But yes, it's the first day of summer school for me, and I like having new things for school.  This will be my new-ish lip balm that I swear to use until it's EMPTY.  I resolve it, it shall be so.

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  1. i just bought this chapstick and for once i didnt get the cherry version although i love it. but this brand is amazing!