Saturday, May 28, 2011

A little weekend something...

I think I might be a masochist.

Last year, I was on this carb-less diet for about three weeks, and when I say carb-less, I mean fewer than 20 grams.  In other words, I couldn't even eat fruits or vegetables - I subsisted on cheese, meat and eggs for 25 days.

During that three-week stretch is when I discovered food blogs.  Now I don't know why I did this, but I kept torturing myself with the internet.  I went to the Ben and Jerry's site to look up all the ingredients in every single flavour; I became a regular Food Wishes and Hungry Mouse reader; and I couldn't stop looking at

It was terrible.

And I'm doing the same thing again.

I've just spent an hour perusing the Nasty Gal site for clothes that I will not let myself purchase.  I won't. Iwon'tIwon'tIwon't.

Aaahhh but they're SO PRETTY.

Show you mine if you show me yours?  I've pulled a few from the wishlist into a set here, but click on the link to see my complete lemming list!
   NastyGal Wishlist

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