Friday, May 6, 2011

Make it stop...

I'm going to share with you a series of purchases I've committed over the past month or so - somebody please scold me out of purchasing!  My camera's officially out of commission for the next week or so (I'm awful when it comes to not breaking things), hence the lack of personal photos, but I'll share links to where you can potentially purchase these things yourself!  Good enough?  I hope!
Forever 21 Frayed Denim Shorts
Looking back at the summer of 2010, I realized that I own one pair of shorts and I wore them every single day.  This is not unlike that time in my first year of university when I found a pair of $15 Dynamite jeans and wore them every. single. day.  I never thought I'd revisit that time in my life, but here we are!  I tend towards neutrals so I'm trying really hard not to purchase anything that's not a bright.  That said...

Forever 21, Racerback Tank
I don't have enough black tank tops.

I don't. 

Leave me alone. 

 PS: If anyone has a perfect white, v-necked tee rec, I'd love to hear it!

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Gel CreamLiner, Hazel Eyes 7051 .21 oz (6 g)
Physician's Formula Gel Liner Trio for Brown Eyes

I've been looking to try these for a while, expect a comparison to Maybelline's gel liner soon!  I can't help but notice that brown liner looks so much more natural on me liner obsolete?

MAC Blending brush 217
MAC 217

My issue with this?  I think I want a second one.  I've created a monster.

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Shadow Liner 601 Black BeanNYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Shadow Liner 604 Milk

I'm probably the last person to find this out, apparently the Rexall pharmacy on Bay and Dundas has a tiny little NYX section.  Who knew??  Rejoice, Torontonians, rejoice!  I had to pick up the Jumbo Eye Pencils in - what else? - Milk and Black Bean to see what all the fuss was about.  I'll let you know in a few days!  These retailed for about $6 IIRC, but they're currently on sale at 25% off, so go get 'em!

Sharpie Permanent Marker Fine Tip 5 Pack

Not that this is really beauty-related, but I'm undergoing a slight Sharpie obsession.  It's my perversion dream to fill an entire Illy can with different sized black Sharpies, so I've just been purchasing them whenever I see them.  I need a doctor.

Nestle Kit Kat Bar 4 Finger (England) (6 Pack)



  1. I like the look of those gel liners. While brown may look more natural, black liner will never be obsolete. I love it for dramatic and/or evening looks. (:

  2. love gel liners - e.l.f. actually makes really good ones that last all day (i.e. for 8+ hours!) and i've also been looking for the physicians formula set to no avail. gotta keep looking i guess.

    and i agree with black tanks. so very much agree. and although they can be a bit overpriced in terms of simple clothing, gap and j.crew both have pretty solid v-neck options!

  3. @Michelle Definitely! No idea what I was thinking, using black liner and obsolete in the same sentence without a negation.

    @t_smith J.Crew's supposed to come to Canada this year or early next year! I can't wait =)

  4. I dub thee a stylish blogger! (Sounds fancy, right?) hah

    Check it out on my page & feel free to be a rule breaker and not follow the rules, as it reminds me a bit like those chain emails back in the day (dreadful!)