Friday, May 13, 2011

Nails Inc: Belgrave Place

Hi lovelies!  So one way I thought I'd circumvent this Project X Pan thing would be to show you my polish collection!  There have been a few photos of it here and there, but I've purchased some things since then so I figured I'd run through them one by one!

Pardon the blur, I was trying to get the colour right!

This is a recent purchase that I never got around to trying.  It's a Nails Inc colour which I've heard of before, but had never personally encountered.  I picked this up during a random Urban Outfitters wander and it looks exactly like this old Bourjois colour I came across in Dublin that thickened up to the point where it came out in chunks, not liquid.  That'll teach me to buy anything quick-drying again.

I think this may be my summer colour!  It's not bright, exactly, but there's definitely an element of oohi, might this glow in the dark?  I don't know!

May I also just say that this applied beautifully?  No streaks, the formula was so even and pigmented and the polish just smoothed across my nail in the most unfussy manner.  The photo above is...ONE coat!  I just applied one thick coat and I was like, ...I don't even want a second one!  I don't know that I want a top coat either! Drying time was pretty good, just a few minutes and I felt comfortable enough to move around and start typing this post.

Anyone else tried these before?  They only had this and one other colour, but I'd love to see swatches of any others!

Happy Friday!


  1. That's a great blue-purple color. I may be going to Ulta today so I'll definitely have to check out and see if they have a color similar to this!

  2. @t_smith ooh potential Ulta haul?? Bourjois has a So Laque colour that's really close!