Saturday, May 21, 2011


TOD: ootd?
Procrastinator: um...OUTFIT OF THE DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY (à la Oprah)!

In honour of the first WARM Saturday here in Toronto, I'm doing my first ever outfit of the day!  I couldn't do these before because it would have been weird given the circumstances, but now that I've made myself known it's like I can do anything!

Including...a bright floral that's a lot shorter than I remember...

I don't usually wear florals, but this summer they've been creeping into my wardrobe.

Dress: Zara
Shoes: Anne Klein
Bangle: somewhere in Rome
Hoops: Agatha Jewelry


  1. LOVE! Yeah its short,but its a high neck and long sleevs, the loop hole in the short, short skirt clause :)

  2. i love this outfit! it is the perfect dress for a warm day and the fit, cut, and print are all fantastic. yay for OOTD posts now!

  3. Hi, to send me a link to your Facebook, just go to a page where you can see the post and then click on the time/date of it and it should bring it up to a new page. Then get the url of that page. It should have permalink in it or something.