Friday, May 20, 2011

$OPI: 212 Sexy

I never wear black polish.  TOD does sometimes, but I never do.  The reason?  It always looks really brown on my dark skin.  Despite different layering techniques, colour combinations, I can never get that gorgeous true black.  If any of you have seen that indie film Suburban Girl with Sarah Michelle Gellar, you'll know what I mean.  I strive for exactly those nails.

I'm much better off with a blackened colour - OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark, Chanel Blue Satin, NARS Zulu (I'm still day) and the like.

That said, two years ago I saw the most perfect black.  It is not a creme, it is not supremely glossy and it looks brown.  Ladies and gentlmen, I present to you, $OPI 212 Sexy.

It is the most perfect colour - a brown-based black laced through with multicoloured microglitter, copper flakes strewn about like dying embers.  At a glance it is the perfect, pebbly balance between  chocolate, bronze and copper, leaving people wondering exactly what colour you're wearing. The first time I saw it, I knew I had to have it.

Cut to me obsessively stalking the nail displays at every single Sephora in the Greater Toronto Area.  I staked out that nail polish page on Sephora's website, but nothing.  I'd given up my search until one day (!) the Sephora holiday catalogue brought it to my attention.

I'm not exactly sure what's wrong with me, but I didn't race out and immediately purchase their entire remaining stock.  I'm not sure why, because that's exactly something I would do.  I waited until after Christmas when the girl behind the counter sympathetically informed me that they'd sold the last bottle a couple hours before I got there.  I was devastated.

A few weeks later I went out of town wearing OPI's Sparkle-icious, when a girl mistook it for 212 Sexy.  I launched into an epic monologue about my search while she looked on puzzledly.  When I took a breath she said eight magical words.

"You know they still have them right?"

And even more magical?

"I got mine like, two weeks ago."

WHAT?  I beelined towards the closest Sephora I could find (it wasn't actually that close), and picked up their last bottle.  I meant to get two - one for me and one for my nail polish buddy Alexander, but even after checking two more locations, there was only one bottle.

Ladies and gentlemen - I've never been happier.

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