Monday, May 30, 2011

Review: Nip + Fab Concealer vs YSL Touche Eclat

Nip + Fab is your drugstore Rodial fix, and I'm testing the Eye Fix Brightening Concealer against YSL's Touche Eclat. Here in Canada YSL TE retails for almost $60 CAD including tax, so I'm comfortable investing $11.95 in my quest for a cheaper alternative.

First impression: Right away, the $40 disparity shows itself in the texture. Nip + Fab's version isn't quite as creamy; even blended out you can tell the texture finish is grittier than TE.

Colour: I could only find one colour option. I think TE has up to six or seven now, which is pretty exciting! NF's version would suit anyone up to about NW25 I leans really, really pink.  In this review I'm using YSL's #2.

Again, with all drugstore products - great product for the price. In fact, I'd say N+F's product is better than what I paid - for that kind of light-reflecting property, I think I would have paid up to $16. YSL's is still better - at least you know you're getting your money's worth! Is it $40 better? For a product like concealer, I think so. Foundation, concealer, serums - these are products that are worth the splurge. However, Nip + Fab's option is a great way to tide you over if you should ever run out of Touche Eclat.

Top: N+F
Bottom: TE
Left: Unblended
Right: Blended in
As mentioned above, the N+F is much pinker than the TE-- even more so in real life than in this photo.  Great for some people, but if you have extremely yellow/dark skin, it won't work.

Left: N+F Right: YSL

N+F actually looks a lot better in this photo than TE does, but in real life the finish is much smoother. Pardon the lack of brows.  


  1. I really need to get my hands on this YSL Touche Eclat.. everyone is talking about it and my local department store is sold out in my colour and i havnt really looked anywhere else as yet.. I dont even think i want it anymore, im positive that i actually need it !!

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    Suzie xxx

  2. I totally disagree with your assessment that the N+F looks better than Touche Eclat on Tod... TE seems to be blended into the skin so much more smoothly and naturally!

  3. @Alexander Oh I agree - in real life it blends into her skin a lot better. I meant that in the photo N+F was doing a better job of concealing

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  5. Hey! I just reviewed this on my blog! I totally agree with your points, for the expensive price tag of Touche Eclat, maybe invest in something cheaper that works the same. Check out my blog for my in depth review!

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