Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday Quickstop

Hey lovelies!

Alright, so I was all sorts of MIA this weekend because...I moved!  I'm so behind on my blogroll - I just got interwebbed today!!  So relieved to reconnect with the outside world!  Now I have no reason to leave my apartment.  I had a post planned for Monday, but totally forgot to release it, and  Superficial Sanctuary beat me to it!  But just to show you my efforts with her first product review, here you go!

Sally Hansen Salon Effects - Girl Flower

Check her review out here!

My thoughts?  Considering that these have lasted through a weekend of packing/moving/furniture building, I'm very comfortable recommending these.  I think application woes (e.g. stretching out the sticker, choosing which size to fit your nail, lifting, etc) will go away with practice, but these are such a great pic for a vacation!  Not to mention they're infinitely cheaper than getting your nails Minx'd.

I'm going to be sorting my apartment out over the next little while, but I definitely have some fun things coming up!  Maybe the famed What's In Your Bag?  I don't know!  Let me know in the comments if you have any requests =)

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  1. well this just goes to show great minds think alike (thanks for the mini shout-out!) i've been wanting the black & white floral version and they look great on you, so i definitely need to go buy those!

    congrats on the new place - that's very exciting!

    and i plan on doing the "bag" post, too, if i ever get around to it. it's one of my favorite posts! i also like beauty hauls to give me inspiration on what to buy next.