Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What, green eyes aren't good enough?

I'm doing a look with the Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips - Brown Eyes.  Except, TOD has green eyes and I only bought the brown one.  But guess what?  I'm using it anyway.  There ain't nothin' no one can say to stop me.

Physicians FormulaShimmer Eye Shadow - Brown

The texture of the shadows isn't amazing; with some colours, I had to really work my brush in.  I wouldn't use this if you're looking for extremely pigmented colour.  This is for people who want that 'slightly done' look - this would be great for younger girls or people just starting with make up.

How I got this look:
  1. Smooth GOSH Velvet Touch Eye Primer all over the lid and underneath the lash line.
  2. Take the second colour (midtone lilac) from the top and use a flat brush/finger/anything to pack the colour onto the centre of your lid, blending out slightly to either side.
  3. Flip the brush over, and pick up the fifth colour from the top (fuschia).  Apply to the inner third of the eyelid.
  4. Take the last colour (dark, dusty purple) and apply to the outer third and crease, using a MAC 217 or the edge of your paddle brush.  Wrap the colour around your eye, edging on the outer lower lashline.
  5. Dust off the brush and pick up the first colour in the palette (shimmery white) and apply to your brow bone.  Take this opportunity to reshape the colour you've applied to your lids.  Also tap some of the colour on the inner corner and the lower lashline.
  6. Finish with one coat of mascara (L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes)
  7. On cheeks, I dusted MAC Overdyed high on the cheekbone to give a slight contour.
  8. On lips, I used Liplicious in Sparkling Plum on the centre of her lips and blended outwards.
Happy Wednesday!