Friday, June 24, 2011

Essie: Lollipop

My first red!  Well, on this blog anyway.  My actual first red was OPI's Big Apple Red, but that's a post for another Friday.

Essie's Lollipop.  What can I say?

Here's a little something about me.  This was more true when I was younger, but it still happens.  You know when you see something really pretty on someone else and try as you might, it doesn't work on you?  It's happened with so many things - butterfly clips, smokey/coloured eye shadow, red lips and ringlets.  Through sheer force of will I've made some of those work for me; last summer I decided I'd make bright red polish work.

I don't have an issue with red nails, but reds on me usually cannot have brick/orange/burnt/poppy/coral in the name.  I do not look good in warm colours - I've accepted it.  Therefore, any reds, whether on my eyes/cheeks/lips/nails/else, must be distincly cool toned.  Hint: anything that says cherry/velvet/berry/scarlet are usually okay.

Enter Lollipop.

This is the closest thing I can find to a light, orange-y summer red that doesn't make my skin look dirty.  However, due to my severe nail chewing, I can't swatch this on myself, so I've brought Lynn along to help me show you.

What happened to the bottle, you ask?  Well, despite my superawesomepackingskills - I forgot to wrap a bottle of Deborah Lippmann's Ruby Red Slippers and it exploded all over my toiletry bag.  I still haven't been able to replace Ruby Red Slippers and continue to mourn it to this day.  One day!


  1. This posts makes me want to buy new polish...but red looks awful on me. I have literally NO China Glaze polish in my collection, so any suggestions for what polishes to buy from that brand?

    In other news, I won an award and what are blogger friends for if not for awarding you the same award they win! Congrats on the "Best Blog" award, you deserve it. Videos, posts, photos, you do it all! Go you :) haha Check out my post for the details!

  2. @Superficial Sanctuary Oohh - I like China Glaze's Ruby Slippers/Pumps/Whatever they call it. I can never remember. It's sooooo sparkly! And equally delightful in matte. Run out and get it right now RIGHT NOW!

    And ahhhhh you're too sweet, thank you!!!

  3. I like this on your skin tone, I think it suits you. Makes me wannnna wollipop :( Must google this Ruby slippers......

  4. lovely polish color!! such a gorgeous shade of red <3