Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In True Procrastinating Fashion...

Tod's supposed to be applying to med school and I'm supposed to be studying for a midterm.  This is what happened instead.

It started with an INTENSE brow.
Then I decided I wanted a really deep crease.

And a really spidery lash...

A silly grin...

Then no crease colour....

But I kept the super-high cheekbones.

May I just say, this marks the first time you've ever seen Tod's hair straightened!  We're cutting it soon, so stay tuned!

And I'm going to do this properly when I get a moment, but thank you Me, My Best and I for kindly naming me one of her Liebsters!  So sweet!  Check her out for some awesome reviews!

Back to the books...


  1. Loveeeeee the high cheekbones on tod ;) with her eyes opened wide she looks so cute and curious!

  2. LOVE the brows! Such a good look on her to go against the blonde hair. Well done!

  3. thanks! It was supposed to be an "all my favourite features in one look" post, but eventually I realized I like playing EVERYTHING up hahaa

  4. You slackarses skiving off! Tod's hair looks awesome straight. Thanks for the mention, now back to the books :)