Monday, June 6, 2011

Laura Mercier, Let's Get Naked

So I think I'm officially going to kick off a bunch of Naked tutorials.  Why is it official?  You see, dear reader - it's going to get its own tag.  That's right.  Its own TAG.

So I finally trusted myself enough to step into Sephora during this whole PXP thing, and I came across Laura Mercier's new Riviera Eyeshdaow palette.  I've only just started using some of her products (Silk Creme Foundation and Long Lash Mascara) and I have yet to be disappointed, but something was eerily familiar about these colours.

Oh hey, they're all in my Naked palette!

But...but I still want this one...

Eye Colour Palette - Riviera


So here I am, trying to convince myself I don't need both.  Here's my attempt.


  1. these videos make me so happy!!

    please do more naked tutorials, i'm so application-challenged!

  2. UGH I need to get the Naked Palette!! I don't know what I'm waiting for lol!!!

    & the flat top Blush + Bronzer brush is one of my FAVORITE mark. brushes!! Its so versatile!! I literally have or have tried every mark. product so any questions you have email them to me & I can help you out <3

    I'm following you back <3 I hope you visit my blog again!

    xo Jackie