Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Best Liebsters

So in the past week or so (give or take five days), I've been granted two blog awards!

First Me My Best and I named me one of her Liebsters (I totally love that episode of Friends.  Go here to find out what I mean)!  This Aussie blogger shares her best beauty friends with you and I so look forward to her posts every day.  She recently brought up an amazing charity called FITE that teamed up with Kiva and Dermalogica to encourage female entrepreneurship in developing countries.  All three things I love - skin care, my girls and microfinance!

Then Superficial Sanctuary kept my award-winning glow on by bestowing upon me a Best Blog award.  This is the second time now that she's sent an award my way and I can't thank her enough.  This lady is one of the funniest people you'll meet - she's a beauty blogger but I definitely look forward to her anecdotes more than anything!  A teacher during the year and a nanny during the summer, she'll keep you amused with stories of her charges.  Not to mention she has more or less the exact same beauty taste as me ;-)

A few Blog Award housekeeping rules!

  • Link back to the person who awarded you
  • Share 7 random facts about yourself
  • Award someone else (below)
  • Answer the following:

    1. Favorite Color
    2. Favorite Song 
    3. Favorite Dessert 
    4. Making You Pissy
    5. When You're Upset, You...
    6. Favorite Pet
    7. Black or White
    8. Biggest Fear 
    9. Best Feature
    10. Everyday Attitude
    11. What is "Perfection"
    12. Guilty Pleasure 
And of course, only we could spend eight minutes answering 12 relatively simple questions.

I'm not sure exactly how many people I'm allowed to award this, but here's my list!

  1. Me, My Best and I - as I mentioned above, she's the sweetest Irish-Australian I've ever met =) and you definitely want to check her out if you love Top 5 posts as much as I do!
  2. Superficial Sanctuary - again, I've not yet had a chance to give her an award she hasn't give me first, so here's my opportunity!  Go visit her site - tell her I sent you and she'll tell you something funny =P
  3. Living After Midnite - Jacquelyn is an Avon rep who does the most amazing look with Avon cosmetics!  She has such a flair for the dramatic and she's so pretty she doesn't have a single problem pulling off any of her looks.
  4. Style By MJ - Marissa's a fashion intern who definitely deserves her job.  She just posted the most beautiful photos of some pieces from her work which I could not stop drooling over!  Not to mention she just did a "What I Packed" and you all know I can't resist a travel post.
  5. Voguely Van - Her style is so my style.  Or at least, what I want my style to be.  'Nuff said. PS: Her most recent post has a million photos of chocolate in it.  Go.  Go and see.  You'll follow for the rest of your life.
Thank you all again for your support!  It keeps me writing =)


  1. hey sweetie! thank you for this award! i really appreciate it! my blog is just 2 months old so it's really heartwarming to know that somebody appreciates my blog. again a million thanks!
    P.S. I'm also your follower! cheers!

  2. wow thank you so much for the award! I'm so honored and flattered, and I love your blog too! If I do some blogger awards, you'll definitely be in mine too :D

  3. OMG thank you SO MUCH!!!! I love you're blog also <3
    I'm definitely going to post about this!!!

    xo Jackie

  4. I should really do a nanny rant soon because this past week I only worked three days but somehow still managed to get pushed down stairs, hit with a pool noodle in the face, and slammed with a bike helmet in the shins....all by a five year old. Awesome. Thanks for the award! We're just so kind and giving to each other haha

  5. Also, I cannot agree more about your color idea. Really, the pink thing was dead on (I hate pink). Also, is it weird I felt cool getting a shout-out in the video? Virtual high-five for creme brulee!