Tuesday, June 14, 2011

OOTD: I hate this word.

I get it, it's the opposite of mini, but no one thinks that.  People hear maxi and they think feminine toiletries.

Also, I hate that this is a trend.  I've always loved long skirts.  They made me look tall.  You know, because I'm not already tall.  Anyway, they were extremely popular right around 2004 and I lived in them for a couple summers, until everyone decided to start showing their legs off.  This meant two things - wearing a long skirt made you look dated/like you grew up on a prairie; and that I had to start waxing my legs more regularly.  Dammit.

I planned to go to yoga today, but I hurt myself while demonstrating to my brother one of the poses.

Funny story about this tee - it used to be a men's large (I think), but I took it up as a DIY fitting project with my cousin's daughter.  It was extremely poorly done, but we still love it.

Top: Stussy
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Urban Outfitteres


  1. Nice shirt. Remember that time at Molly's? HAHAHA the horror.

  2. love this outfit, love the post. well done on the DIY!!

  3. @Alexander I still cringe at the thought.

    For anyone reading, Alexander and I met up one night to go out with some friends, and we were both wearing black Stussy T-shirts, dark jeans and running shoes. He refused to change.

  4. I love the draping of the skirt- very cool and different!


  5. Like the ruching on the skirt, had a spit out my tea funny moment at your backward bend!! Love !