Friday, June 3, 2011

OPI: At Your Quebec and Call

There may or may not be a story here.

I don't get my nails painted the same colour.  The manicurist always gives me a weird look, but whatever.  I get to try more colours this way!

A little over two years ago, I got two colours on my feet.  One of them was OPI's Blue My Mind (coming up in a few posts!) and the other...At Your Quebec and Call.

I didn't know what I'd gotten myself into.

It helps that olive is one of my favourite colours, but nevertheless, I looked down at my freshly polished feet and gasped.

It is the most beautiful combination of olive, gold and glowiness.

See for yourself!
I'm not sure why my skin is so pink in these photos!
Of course, I run to my closest Trade Secrets to find that it's not there.  Alrighty.  Next!  Two kilometres and three stores later, still no AYQC.  What??  I go home to my ever-faithful Google search engine and it informs me (almost hesitantly, the way it took the page to load) that AYQC was, in fact, a limited edition colour from the 2004 Canadiana collection.

I nearly cried.  I couldn't even find it on eBay.

Fast forward to September 2009 - Tod and I are doing some outlet shopping and we come across a beauty supply outlet.  Not even a major chain, it was just a family-run store.  I'm perusing the racks and I turn one to find not one, not two but EIGHT bottles of this golden olive bliss.  I nearly died.  And promptly purchased six.  I would have gotten them all, but Tod restrained me like a German Shepherd puppy after a smaller dog.

I gave one to Alexander, one to Tod and I haven't even worked my way through one yet but the remaining bottles are my most prized possessions.  As in, if my studio were to catch fire and I only have time to put on my shoes...I'm grabbing the remaining three bottles.  And my dad, because it's his birthday today.


  1. LOVE that gold nail polish! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I actually don't use a timer to take my photos I use my BF! He sometimes doesn't like doing it but he does a good job none-the-less :)

    Fashionable Collections

  2. Such a unique colour- good find :)

  3. Such a great color and go you for finding all of those bottles! I don't think I could paint my hands two different colors, because it's bad enough when I do the Sally Hansen effects and my students go, "Woahhh, WHAT did you do to your nails?!" haha Kiddos can be so cruel!