Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Make Up...Partie Deux!

Remember this post?  Well to help you amp it up for the evening, here's a guide to your office bathroom primping routine.  The best part? You only need three products!


  1. You guys are too cute- how glowy is both your skin? what is that? We both have same glasses BTW!

  2. @Me, my best and I I've never met someone with the same frames as me =) you have excellent taste!

    And as for the glowiness, it was just particularly warm in my apartment, but I think on Tod I used a little Benefit High Beam in the first part to the video here:

  3. I'm rubbish with make-up but this, this I think I can do. Looks simple enough and I like that the wing-tips are not overexaggerated.

  4. Procrastinator - can you do a vid with yourself as the model? Tod is extremely beautiful, but has very different bone structure/colouring than me. I'd love to see how a look shows up on your skin!

  5. @Abi
    Yes, not difficult at all! And it goes sooo fast once you get used to it

    @Anonymous Of course! Any particular requests?