Friday, July 15, 2011

Fight Oil with Oil

After my mini-spiel about fighting oil with oil the other day, I've been thinking (and Googling).  So there's this thing called the Oil Cleansing Method and the idea is that you mix whatever oil works for your skin into castor oil and it'll fight grease and unclog pores more effectively than any other cleanser on the market.  Alright, why not?
NOW Foods Jojoba Oil Pure, 4 ounce                   Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 15-Ounce Tubs (Pack of 2)
Of course I'm lazy so I didn't want to run out and get castor oil, i.e. I had two options, Coconut and Jojoba.

Coconut oil I use on my hair -- before I found the Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment, I used to warm up coconut oil, leave it in my hair for about an hour and shampoo it out.  I got this tip from a girl in New York last summer; she caught my eye while I was getting a coffee and I fully left my Starbucks unattended to chase after her and ask about her hair routine.  I'm fairly certain she's stopped taking the train to avoid people like me.

I also started using it on my face but I'm kind of on the fence.  It'll be really nice the first time I use it (I take the tiniest amount, smooth it over my face and let it soak in while I sleep) -- I'll wake up with the nicest, softest, glowiest skin but if I use it too often I think it breaks me out.  I'm not sure and it could be a total coincidence, but I'm still suspicious.

Last night I caught sight of a bottle of Jojoba oil in my medicine cabinet.  I have no recollection of how it got there or if I've even used it before, but in my Project X Pan-starved state, I'll try anything new.

I poured a few drops into my hand and massaged it onto my face over my makeup and really worked it in to dissolve it.  Then I remembered from that Oil Cleansing Method thing that you're supposed to soak a washcloth in hot water and let the steam work with the oil.  I don't use wash cloths so I used a heavy duty paper towel and pressed it into my face -- I kept going until I felt like the oil was gone and my skin didn't obviously have product on it anymore.  I meant to actually follow up with my regular skin routine but I fell asleep and didn't wake up until about an hour ago.

I did not realize until after I'd eaten breakfast that my skin was not greasy.  Lately, since it's been so hot outside, I've woken up with really greasy skin around my t-zone and it feels so gross.  I woke up this morning to really soft, hydrated skin that was not the slightest bit greasy or slick.  Miracle?  Possibly.

I'm a little apprehensive in terms of using this every day, but I think I'll slowly edge my way into it.  Has anyone else tried this before?


  1. Please keep us updated! I have oily skin too and I hate it, especially during the summer

  2. wow thats awesome!! I don't have oily skin but I love hearing about home remedies like this!

    xo Jackie

  3. U are on to something here missy! I was reading on The Science of beauty's blog the other day that Jojoba is the nearest oil to sebum...which is why it makes cleansing/moisturising so effective....

  4. i like trying new things too I def need to try something because my face gets oily too I hate it

  5. I have heard about fighting oil with oil but apparently the catch is that it works, but it has to be consistent. I was using Dermalogica's PreCleanse before my Philosophy cleanser and it's basically pure oil. Once I stopped using it, it was like my face produced more oil than before. It cleared up quickly, but hopefully that isn't the case for all "oil for oil" remedies!

  6. you are correct, somewhat decent post. I agree on this object. Where is your RSS feed? I would be honored to subscribe.

  7. @Superficial Sanctuary I do think this is something you'd have to do regularly. I tried not doing it last night and my soon was a little greasier than yesterday morning. I think I'll start with every other night and see what happens!

  8. interesting idea... I've never heard of the oil cleanse method, but i'm willing to try anything to improve my skin!