Monday, July 11, 2011

So I cheated...

And bought something before actually finishing 10 products.

From Girls in High Heels

Seriously.  And I purchased...
Tanda Zap

It was about three weeks ago when I fell off my skincare routine and even just getting back to it wasn't helping me.

My skin:  It's combination/greasy skin and when I break out, they're not just pimples.  It's full-on cystic acne.  As in, the kind that possibly stays for about a month, swells like gooseberries and potentially starts filling up with old blood so you look like you have a giant bruise on your face.  That kind.

So I'd gotten two in the hollow of my cheek and I knew -- I just knew they wouldn't go away.  I occasionally get some of those "good" breakouts that go away after a few days (yeah...I call that good), but it definitely wasn't the case.

I'd been thinking about the tanda for a while, and I figured for $49 CAD plus tax, why not?  I've bought more expensive things that promise a lot less.  I brought it home, put in the included AAA batteries (which just died, i.e. they are useless or this thing guzzles battery juice like Carrie Bradshaw x Cosmopolitans), and went to town.

It works like this:  put it flush against your face, hit the orange button and you have 30 seconds to decide whether or not you want to go through with it.  That is, there are 1000 uses in this tiny gadget, so as long as you don't go over the 30 second mark, you won't technically have used one.  Otherwise, should you decide to go through with it, you'll be hitting your skin with 2 minutes of blue light and minor heat.  I'm always a little scared that this thing will burn me but it hasn't so far.  Irrational fear!

Anyway, it says in the pamphlet that it's not meant to work on cystic acne (nothing ever is), but it solidly took mine down after six days.  As in, all swelling was gone, my skin was smooth, but it was a little red.  I used it on a slightly more normal breakout and by the 2nd day it was gone.  Entirely.

All in all, not a bad purchase!  Unfortunately, about five days after I won Blair's Claro giveaway, but they still have yet to email me about it, so maybe it's a good thing I got this.

Forgive me readers, for I have sinned.

EDIT:  I have made a short video that I think just communicates my point a million times better.  And I don't know if I actually share anything different than what I've written, but here you are Me, My Best and I -- an offering for my PXP sins!


  1. Hmm this sounds interesting. Was it expensive? x

  2. @F.I.G not at all! $49 CAD plus tax. I spent way more on my clarisonic!

  3. I don't blame you doll! I would scream at the thought of having to finish 10 products before buying more (even though it's a great idea). great post!

  4. You are forgiven solely for the fact that I am so intruiged, a fellow suffer of the gooseberry blemish. DYING to know how/if this works? Posta bout and you will be absolved of all Project Pan crimes kay?

  5. I've been thinking about buying this or something similar... still debating.

  6. Mario Badescu has products for cystic acne and it is AMAZING. I get mine at Ulta. Also, his stuff is way cheaper than this gizmo. :]

    - Britt


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