Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Hair Routine

I get that the sun's supposed to nourish everything and that we wouldn't be here without it, but must it be so harsh on my hair?  And when I say harsh...I mean harsh.  I have pretty thick strands that are heavily pigmented so in terms of hair: I'm not unfortunate.  If my hair is ever damaged, you can bet that I'm the one torturing it to death.  Then this summer came upon us.

I've never experienced heat like this in my life.  Bear in mind that I've been to Hong Kong and Thailand at the height of July -- it's not this hot.  I've been to almost every island in the Caribbean -- it's not this hot.  In Toronto, we've come scarily close to breaking our heat record and my personal heat tolerance record.  I can deal with being sticky and sweaty and unable to breathe when I'm outside simply because I can usually find a kind movie theatre where I can cool down and inhale.  Not so for my hair.

I've never said this before, but I actually think the sun may be causing my hair damage.

I touched it the other day and it felt like straw.  I recently got it trimmed and oil-treated and I haven't touched a curling iron/blow-dryer/flatiron since so...what's the issue?

This goddamn sun.

Proctor and Gamble trying to scare me into buying their products:
Nice try.

It's made me take on a hair routine like I never have before.

I only wash my hair every three or four days, but I've taken to combing coconut oil from ROOT to TIP as a pre-shower treatment.  I leave it in for as long as I can (usually an hour while I putter and eat breakfast) and then shampoo it out.  Instead of conditioner, I'm using the Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Hair Masque, mixed with the Healing Oil Treatment.  I would use a conditioner if I thought it'd help, but I feel like your hair can only take so much while its being beaten down by water.

And for good measure, I rub a little of the Healing Oil into my ends and right before it dries, put in a dime-size amount of Chi Silk Infusion.


  1. I agree-my hair feels totally dry all the time. I love the macadamia masque, I use it all the time too!

  2. i hear you, sister! my hair has been ridic lately and i never use heat on it...the sun is cruel! i go as long as i can between washes and use oil and leave-in treatments often. good luck with that heat, it's pretty bad where i am, too. what's up, mother nature? stop being a bitch to all of us!!

  3. No kidding. Heat styling + coloring + sun = hair disaster. I always wear hair sunscreen + a hat in the sun and amp up my deep conditioning in the summer. I've also been using a John Freida shine treatment to make my hair look less dry.

  4. Where you using a protein treatment- I want all out protein treatments once as my regular S&C and my hair felt so dry and straw like, my HD said they do that and should just use once a week or fortnightly??

  5. @Me, my best and I I put it on from my scalp to the ends but I don't use it too often. I tried using it every time I washed my hair and it dried me out too, so now I use it...twice a month? If that =P