Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tod's New Hair...Sneak Peek?

Oh fine, I'm just going to give it all up.  You twisted my arm.

Pardon the lack of "rest of video" -- my hairdresser Ken was being shy and refused to be in it.


Half-done and mildly terrified.

For this mega-cut cheekbone:
  1. Lightly dust your face with Benefit Hoola in the E-3 motion.  I used a Quo Bronzing brush to get a really light application.
  2. I used an angled face brush from Smashbox (no number/label, sorry!) loaded with Benefit Hoola nd contoured directly underneath the cheekbone, blending down towards the jawline.
  3. Next, use a powder brush (I used EcoTools Powder brush) and NARS Lola Lola directly on the cheek bone.  This will make your cheekbones look much higher.  Keep the colour concentrated directly on the cheekbone, blending slightly with Benefit Hoola.  Don't blend upwards to fade out the colour, leave it a straight line.
  4. Above the cheekbone, I used my fingers to press Benefit High Beam into her skin -- you want a lot of pigment and highlight.  In fact, I didn't blend at all, I just packed the colour onto her face.
  5. By now you should have a very defined line of bronzer and highlighter just above it.  It will be scary, but never fear.  Grab NARS Multiple in South beach and warm it between your fingers before using it to soften the line.
  6. With a big fluffy brush (Ecotools Blush Brush) and a translucent powder (Marcelle Face Powder) the entire cheek to take down some of the shimmer.

For those of you who are interested, you can find him at 896 Burnhamthorpe Road West in Jocee's Hair Salon. 905 279 9212.  Don't be shy!


  1. This is practically my hairstyle :P

  2. ARE we the same person? I also cut my! Wild, right? Not really, I guess. TOD is rockin' that look, I love it. Your hair looks so shiny and pretty in the video, I'm jealous!