Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I meant 9 Skincare Rules

I've finished another product -- I think this brings me to 8 2/3!  It's another skincare item.  Sue me.

This one's taken a WHILE to finish though!  I actually finished the original Josie Maran oil ages ago, but I bought another brand of argan oil and kept the Josie Maran bottle for its dropper.  I love love LOVE the way it smells -- it's a really sweet, nutty scent that I find myself applying instead of perfume.

So in honour of my finishing (yet) another (skincare) product, I thought I'd share a few skincare rules to live by!

  1. Take it offIt seems obvious that you should never go to bed with makeup on, but I'm going to say that we go a step further, and take it off as soon as you don't need it on.  As in, you come home from work and the first thing you do is take it all off.  Even if you're going out again, if it's a decent amount of time away, take the time to cleanse and let your skin breathe.  For me, if I have at least two hours at home, I'll take it off and redo it before I go out again.  This also gives me more opportunity to play with colours!
  2. No washcloths allowedA few years ago, in one of Beauty Banter's Bathing Beauty posts (I LOVE those!), a girl said never to use a washcloth to dry your face.  I thought about it and was like, ...that makes so much sense I can hardly contain myself.  Washcloths (along with cosmetic sponges and mascara wands) breed bacteria like nothing else.  Unless you plan to use a new washcloth every time you wash your face, it's just easier to use Kleenex facial tissues.  If it makes you feel better about the environment, you're welcome to use recycled ones.
  3. Drink waterThe average person needs about 2L a day.  In other words, eight cups, four standard bottled water thingies, four Vapur refills, however you want to measure.  If you're a taller person (i.e. TOD and me), you'll probably need more.
    PS: Water = water. Random liquids are not water.  Not juice.  Not tea, not milk.  Not vitaminwater, coconut water, Crystal Light or unicorn tears.

  4. Oil + Oil = Glowing ComplexionPeople with greasy skin are so terrified of moisturizing.  Now, I don't blame you -- I used to be one of you.  Then I watched a PMK episode about soap and one single line from that entire show stuck with me.  Fight oil with oil.  If you hydrate (from the inside and the outside), your skin will stop trying to produce enough to make up for all the natural oil you're undoubtedly stripping away with your oil-free/anti-acne/foaming/acid-in-a-pretty-squeeze-tube cleanser.  If you're currently using anything that's meant to fight acne and not moisturizing afterwards, I can hear the inflammation calling your name.
  5. Dry skin + Scrubbies = Glowing ComplexionPeople with dry skin are equally guilty of not helping their skin turnover.  Exfoliation is key for people with dry skin -- it helps their heavy-duty moisturizers sink into the newly exposed skin.  Please don't take this too literally -- overexfoliating is bad!  If you have dry skin or plan to exfoliate regularly, use a gentler exfoliant like lactic acid.
  6. Stop touching yourselfWe're civilized people here.  LOL.  Even as I typed that I couldn't keep a straight face.
    But seriously, stop picking at those whiteheads.  You know who you are.  Also try to stop propping your face up with your hands.  You know who you are.  Stop dramatically fainting onto a couch while clutching your forehad.  You know who you are.
  7. Stop letting other things touch youParticularly when they are not cleaned.  So if you are going to let things touch you -- swab them with alcohol first.  This includes cellphones, keyboards, pillows and domesticated animals.
  8. Stop using your pads.Most people apply product with their fingertips.  I use that section of finger between my palm and the pad of my finger to spread moisturizer/cleanser/etc all over my face.  This section of my finger tends to be less greasy than my fingertips.  And I know, I know, I just said oil's good for you, but let me tell you now that the oil on your fingertips contains more crap than beneficial moisturizing goodness.
  9. Change it up!Your pillowcase, that is.  I have a rotation: I'll put a fresh pillowcase on and sleep on it.  The next night, I flip my pillow over and sleep on the other side.  To avoid having to change my pillowcase every other day (I find this chore unreasonably daunting.  I'm not sure why.  Maybe I'm just bad at it), I lay down a towel which, conveniently, can also be flipped over for an extra night's use.

If I think of more I'll let you know.  Better yet, if you have more rules, leave them in the comments below!


  1. Sheesh, words to live by for sure! Congrats on another product, you're one project pan machine!

  2. You pretty much said what i could not effectively communicate. +1

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  3. you are what you eat :) - didn't TOD insist that you include flaxseed on the list?

    looking forward to the next post :D

  4. Great tips! I'm so guilty of lots of these, especially the touching my face thing. I always touch my face when I'm stressed... can't help it.