Thursday, August 25, 2011

Quick Tip: Smooth, Clean Hair

Preface:  I just realized after I wrote this exactly how link-heavy this post is going to be.  I won't blame you if you don't click them all.  I'll know whether or not you have.  But I won't blame you.  I may like you a little less.  No blaming though.


Like this.

LOL.  Kidding.  If I had hair like that
I'd be making money off it like this girl is.

So today I was washing my hair (for the first time in how many days?  Well, that's a personal question...), and I didn't deviate at ALL from my regular shower routine and somehow came out with softer hair than I've experienced since I discovered the Macadamia Hair products and CHI Silk Infusion.

What happened?

After an entire work day of touching my hair and agonizing over every moment of my shower (from dry scrubbing myself to lip-synching to Taylor Swift Rent *insert cool musical group name here*), I still had no idea what had changed.  I wandered into my bathroom to lament my horrible sleuthing skills when I noticed my hairbrush on my counter.

But of course!

I have stick straight hair -- this wasn't true until a couple of years ago when ... I don't know what happened, but it was right around the time I started university.  Maybe stress takes the texture out of your hair?  Worth looking into.  Anyway, since then, I'm not even sure why I own a brush because ... I never brush my hair.  Seriously.  Not even before I curl it.

In the interest of this story, I should probably inform you that I have a ridiculously hard time focusing on one single task.  That is, I cannot eat without reading/watching a TV show; I cannot watch a movie without having blogging/sudoku-ing/nail painting and I cannot fall asleep without Frasier.  And scotch.  But that's a story for another day.

Anyway, I had a yoghurt mask on and it wasn't completely dry so I needed to find a way to fill the extraneous minutes -- hence, the rare occurrence of hair brushing!  I just really roughly ran it through my hair until all the tangles were gone.  Again, since my hair is freakishly untextured, it didn't require a ton of effort, versus someone with enviable curls may need to spend a little more time detangling.

In hindsight, I remember thinking when I applied my shampoo that it was lathering up a lot more easily.  If I only knew then.

Brush your hair people!  It stimulates your scalp and promotes circulation and saves kittens and all sorts of buzzword-y things, but most importantly...your beauty conscience demands it.


  1. just don't brush it wet, #1 cause of breakage......and i can't help myself from doing it. i'm going to buy the macadamia oil detangling comb for the "just got out of the shower, need to tame this wet mane" look to try and break this horrible habit of mine!

  2. I rarely brush my hair (apart from blow drying) I have a fear of it fuzzifying it.