Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Review: Macadamia Oil Shampoo

These 300 mL (almost) have been the longest 300 of my life.

When I bought a Macadamia starter set (it came with the oil+masque and a few other things, but the total cost was still cheaper than buying just the oil and masque separately), it came with a Rejuvenating Shampoo.

I was so so so excited to try it -- you know how much I love my Macadamia products.  I expected this to be an extremely hydrating shampoo ( think you'd be rejuvenating something stressed tr damaged, so that implies moisture, right??), not unlike my beloved Herbal Essences Hello Hydration!

Not so.

THERE.  It says rejuvenating in fancy script!

I think it stripped my hair.

As in my hair felt more brittle after washing (even though I followed with the masque+oil as a conditioner!).  That can't be right.

I've used almost the entire thing now...and it's gotten progressively worse.  I mean, I've had worse hair -- I permed it twice in a year once and...don't do that.  However, it's a little upsetting that I'm comparing the outcome of this shampoo to having had my hair battered and deep-fried twice in the space of eight months.

I can't wait to try my next shampoo.  Which, you ask?  Frederic Fekkai's Full Blown Volume shampoo!  They were giving them away at Holt Renfrew ( exchange for money.  No, there actually was a promotion this time) so TOD went and got the volumizing one and I took home the glossing one.



  1. Hope the new shampoo works better! I can't believe that one stripped your hair so bad. :(

  2. actually had "lol" moments with "and....don't do that" & "they were giving them exchange for money."

    this review, however hilarious, is upsetting. boo for Macadamia shampoo! it's arch-rival, Moroccan Oil, has a badass conditioner you should try (no word on the shampoo...yet).

  3. How sad! I almost bought this stuff at CVS the other day and I'm glad I didn't... i ended up with teh Organix product that I reviewed the other day. I guess I made the right decision!